• To provide high quality study programs both for undergraduate and graduate level by teaching, learning and assessment processes in order to assure competent graduates who have knowledge and skills that can face the needs of the footwear industry
  • To support the students for developing technical knowledge and skills in order to smooth the progress of creative and analytical works on raw materials into new products, as well as on the manufacturing technologies and production processes, costing and quality assurance, product development, competitiveness and business success
  • To provide friendly and high professional academic environment that offers to students the possibility to express their creativity, innovative and problem-solved thinking
  • To support the teaching staff of department in order to up-to-date their academic knowledge and skills for the benefit of the students.
  • To access national and international research and development programmes for funding in order to achieve the students” integration in research teams
  • To support the personal career development for teaching staff and technicians both from universities and vocational schools by offering lifelong training programs and necessary framework for their periodic assessment and exams.
  • To assure high quality facilities and modern equipments for teaching and research activities.